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"BREAKTHROUGH!" - 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching and Personal Development

Why "BREAKTHROUGH!" 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Is Right For You:

  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you accept yourself for who you really are?
  • Do you want to eliminate what is holding you back in your life?

To achieve any success in life, you MUST remove all the negative emotions, limiting beliefs or limiting decisions you have about yourself, which are difficult to recognise because they are deep rooted at the Unconscious level.

Many of us believe that we don’t deserve to make a lot of money, or be happy, or even build that perfect relationship with somebody. Sadly, these internal conflicts are often so strong, that you may find yourself unconsciously sabotaging any attempts at success before you even start. Only through identifying and eliminating those barriers will you ever feel free to pursue your future success.

Would it be useful for you to:

  • Define your purpose in life, and align this with your deep core values, 
  • Release emotional baggage from the past and take learnings for the future,
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that hold you back,
  • Remove personal barriers to your success,  and increase your financial income,
  • Unleash your personal power, and inner drive toward what you want specifically in life. 

What Is "BREAKTHROUGH!" 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching:

Delivered over 2 days, our unique Breakthrough Coaching, is only used with selected individuals who are HIGHLY motivated, and ready to totally transform there life, both from a personal and professional perspective. Those people who are really, REALLY focused upon making a "BREAKTHROUGH" from where they are now, and aligning everything with where they want to be in the future.

Each Breakthrough Coaching session, elegantly aligns your core values and internal beliefs to your goal by the removal of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, limiting decisons and re-uniting conflicting parts of your personality.

These 2 days will include:

  • Writing of personal, family, business and relationship goals,
  • Discovering problems that are holding you back,
  • Shaking up your model of the world and HOW you think,
  • Re-arranging your thinking in alignment with achieving your goals,
  • Cementing those changes to ensure change is long lasting and permanent.

Consider This ...

How great would it feel, to be free of the things which hold you back and remove the shackles of your past? Now, take a moment to now think about achieving your goals in life, and how much extra money you could earn each year. If you were truly achieving £5,000 extra per year or £10,000 extra per year, then multiply this up over the coming years and you will have a sizeable amount of extra money. 

So, now ask yourself, what is stopping you from getting the life you want with our "Yes You CAN" Breakthrough personal coaching?

What If "BREAKTHROUGH" 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Is Right For You:

The people we choose to work with are selected very carefully. We will only ever work with those people who are both HIGHLY motivated and ready to change, NOW! - Is this you?






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