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1:1 Mental Health & Personal Wellbeing in Sport

Why you should consider mental health and personal wellbeing support:

Why is your mental health and personal wellbeing important to you?

  • Do you regularly experience negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt?
  • Do you worry about your unknown life after sport?
  • Do you struggle when it comes to dealing with change around you?
  • Do you feel high levels of stress or responsibility when it comes to contract renewal time?
  • Are you still experiencing sadness of leaving your sport through retirement or injury?
  • Do you struggle with media pressure or social media publicity?
  • Do you isolate yourself from the outside world after performance?
  • Do you suffer from mental distress like anxiety, depression or stress?

You do not always realise what is going on because we think problems seem to be physical, not mental. You might tell yourself your under the weather or feeling tired. Do you experience one or more of the following on regular basis

  • Not sleeping
  • Lacking concentration
  • Low energy
  • Reduced food appetite
  • Blaming yourself
  • Lacking confidence or self esteem
  • Negative thoughts
  • Low spirit
  • Pressure to perform

Would it be useful for you to:

  • Play to the best of your ability?
  • Let go of any major negative emotions 
  • Install some empowering beliefs about yourself at the Unconscious level? 
  • Start feeling really good about yourself again?
  • Learn new techniques that you can use daily helping you overcome future problems? 

What is mental health and personal wellbeing support about:

What's important to you about your mental health and personal wellbeing?

Traditionally, mental health problems has been very much one of sports dark areas in the past. However over the last few years, there has been some well documented incidents regarding mental illness, such as; Tony Adams, Robert Enke, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Speed, Marcus Trescothick, Jonathan Trott, to name but only a few.

Good mental health is essential for peak performance in sport. We understand the specific problems that high level, high profile sport can bring.

We can provide treatments for behavioural problems to players and performers (adults, youth, children). We can address all kinds of destructive behavioural patterns that exist in the world of competitive sport such as;

  • Change and Anxiety
  • Contract and Stress
  • Performance and Panic
  • Retirement and Anger

Who will be your mental health and personal wellbeing consultant?

Gary Lavery - Gary has a wealth of experience in Coaching and Development, having worked with professional players in Premiership Football and County Cricket, providing them elements of Sports Psychology, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis. He also applies his work in the Corporate world, where he has delivered Executive Coaching to Senior Management. Gary is a Level 3 'Performance Coach' for the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

How does the process of mental health and personal wellbeing support work:

  1. You will have an initial consultation by face-to-face or phone with Gary Lavery. Their will be a one-off charge for this session. You will provide an overview of what you want the problem is and Gary will outline the coaching process and how it will benefit you.
  2. Gary will design a bespoke coaching package for you based on the intital conversation. Every package is different and designed specifically for your needs.
  3. You will be sent by email a detailed quotation for your bespoke coaching package, which will include an overview of sessions, whether they will be face-to-face or skype and scheduled dates.
  4. Within any sports coaching package there may be requirements for Gary to attend your sporting events. This will be detailed in the coaching plan.
  5. Should you wish to go ahead at this point, you will then be sent a coaching contract at time of payment, which puts all the above detail into a single document and is signed by both parties.
  6. Before the start of each coaching session, you will be set a task of which you will be expected to complete. Also, Gary might want to see you in action or watch videos of your past performances.
  7. At the next session, we will review your set task, work on any areas in your thinking that are creating problems for you and then set the next task, which will be a step closer towards your goal.
  8. Upon completion of your coaching package, we will evaluate your current status and decided on the best route of action.  

We provide a round the clock support line, which is available to you 365/24/7. All of our services are Private and Confidential to those individuals, past or present; adults or youths or children. 

For specific contact details, concerned individuals, friends or family members, should use the enquires button below. 





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