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Why You Need A Coach

Created by Gary Lavery on June 10th, 2016

A COACH is a vehicle that transports you from A to B. A Coach makes a sports team develop into a winning team. A Coach develops an individual and helps them transition from the person they are, to the person that they want to be.

Team Spirit

A sports team without a coach would still have the individual players, with their individual skills, but they wouldn’t be pulled together and moulded into a perfect team. In team sports, it is usually the dynamic of the team and how the components work for each other that makes it successful. 

Without someone at the helm to steer a team towards their goals, the team’s performance would be average. It is important for all of the individuals to know what the team wants to achieve, how they are going to achieve it, and they must believe that it’s possible, – a coach will instil all of this into their team. A personal coach behaves in much the same way.

It is equally important for an individual to know what they want to achieve, map out how they are going to achieve it, and remove any limiting beliefs or obstacles that will prevent this from happening. 

A personal coach can work with a client to achieve all of these things, and as in a sports team, make them as good as they can possibly be. With external help a person can transform in to the person of their dreams. A sports coach will work on the team achieving success in that sport, so a personal coach will work with a client to achieve success in specific areas of that person’s life. A client may want to develop their career, or change their career, develop their relationships, or their health, or all of these things put together.

There are 7 major advantages to working with a personal coach on various aspects of your life...


They Call It Home

Created by Gary Lavery on June 6th, 2016. 

LOOKING outwards from the balcony of the 5 Star Western Hotel in Pune and over the river, just off a main road hidden behind some tall green trees are about 10 homes all merged together. I have personally named this place "Satellite Street" because each home, a small wooden 'shack', has it's own white satellite attached to the top of a silver metal roof.Satellite Street

Out the back, they have a large space of land, where I have noticed they hang sheets and rugs from the busy road bridge and hang clothes out to dry in the baking sunshine on a line that hangs between two trees. The land is made up of trees, shrubs, bolders, rocks and piles of rubbish, which leads down to the discoloured river. You could say they have there own small island from my viewing.

As the river slowly moves from left to right down stream, you can observe many broken branches slowly floating down and eagles hovering above their next meal. For the families of Satellite Street, the river is used for washing clothes, as ladies can be seen carry large baskets on their heads down to the water.

Out the front they play "Street Cricket" from when the sun rises in the morning until the sun goes down in the evening. Someone, whether it be adults or children, they are always playing cricket. They use a small wooden board for wickets and a piece of wood shaped into a cricket bat to hit the softball. I suppose they will play act as if they are Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble or Virat Kohli, wishing to pursue a personal dream of becoming the next BIG Indian Superstar. This is where dreams start! 


A Message With Real Meaning

Created by Gary Lavery on May 28th, 2016.

SO THERE I WAS, sitting in the Eitiad Business Lounge in Abu-Dhabi International Airport waiting for my outbound connecting flight to Pune in India. The local time here was 10:45pm, I had been travelling since 3:45am UK time in order to fly from Manchester International Airport and to say it out loud "I was ABSOLUTELY emotionally, mentally and physically knackered".Father and Son

I had said "Goodbye" to my loving family the evening before. And in all honesty leaving them behind for 8 weeks was tough, probably the hardest thing I have ever, EVER done in my life to date. Shortly afterwards my oldest son, Liam wrote a lovely message on Facebook, "See you in 8 weeks - To the best Dad in the World". His message really did touch me inside from an emotional aspect, not just because I was going away for such a length of time, but for the empowering words and loving connection I have with him. WOW!

But as I sat there patiently waiting inside the lounge, I just couldn't get Liam's message out of my head, it was so moving. My mind was starting to doubt whether I could really do this length of time away from him because I really did feel it emotionally. I knew that I needed to stay focused on the NOW and what was coming up in front of me. This was a real challenge of mind over matter.

Then within seconds my emotional state took another nose dive down the "blackhole" ...


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