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Living In The NOW!

Created by Gary Lavery on May 25th, 2016.

Living in the NOW is the only thing that can possibly be real. The only time that matters is the moment that you’re in right NOW! ... So NOW counts.Pune India

Let’s think about it a bit more. We know that who we are is a build up of all of the things that have ever happened to us, all of the experiences that we’ve had, and the people that have ever influenced our seemingly insignificant lives. All of this has placed us in to the position that we are living in right NOW, but if we don’t concentrate on the moment of NOW then it will just happen to us, and we won’t even notice it. And isn’t life too short to miss out on NOW.

Any bad experiences or memories can affect how we live in the NOW, but if we concentrate on NOW then we can take control.

Consciousness is old wisdom. It has been taught and passed down through various belief systems, and the old eastern philosophies are based on this principle. By using meditation, a person can train the mind to block out the invasive thoughts that occupy a persons mind, and instead replace them with a clarity of consciousness in the very moment, that by definition is life.

Reality is not a memory, or a perception of a memory, that has happened in the past; and it’s not a vision or a prediction of a future event. Reality is NOW. It is the only truth that we can all rely upon. Many, if not all, issues a person has with their mind (stress, anxiety, phobias, control, confidence) all stem from a person forgetting about NOW and instead concentrating on something that has either happened already, or never happened at all.


Are You Performing Out Of Your Mind?

Created by Gary Lavery on May 17th, 2016

WE ALL KNOW how important a psychological edge can be in sport. People can train and train and train, but if on game day their mindset goes, then guess what … they’re going home with a bunch of “what if’s”. This can happen to anyone, at any level!weightlifting

Personally I’ve worked with a number of professional sports performers in different sports that for whatever reason have lost their psychological edge, or got "The Yips" as some performers call it. It usually happens after a length of time out of the game, maybe because of injury, or a particularly bad run of form, or an influential person’s negative opinion. However it comes about, it usually manifests in the same way, a gradual and increasing loss of confidence and self-belief.

And why not? - It stands to a reason at some point or another a person is going to allow self-doubt to creep in to what they do. We’ve all experienced this at sometime, some of us have experienced it more than others, but we all know what this feels like. The problem is not just confined to sport either, what about when your confidence is dented in some other area of your life ... it’s the same feeling, right?

So what could you possibly do about it? ...


He Is More Than Just My Hero

Created by Gary Lavery on May 9th, 2016.

IT WAS ONE of the most beautiful Monday mornings for a while, with not a smudge of white cloud in the blue sky, with the yellow sun shining down in all of its glory. Alongside this, the birds played a part in this and they were singing their hearts out, to only a song they would know.

dadandmeUntil recently, the small village of Horden in County Durham has welcomed someone else into the  community. And as I stood outside the gates, looking through the green iron bar gaps, there in the distance I could see right in front of me just what I wanted to see. 

The Welfare Park in Horden, is blessed with surrounding beauty, community history and individual memories of past days. Also, within the park location is a football ground, cricket ground, rugby ground, bowling greens and activity play ... But I wasn't here for any of that today.

As I started walking down the long stretch of path, it was hard not to notice the superb beds of flowers showing colours of yellow, red, white and lilac, which were among the lush green grass. A park of high standards and ultimate maintenance, shown by those who work there.

I wasn't here on business either, I was here to see this NEW guy, who really did come from nowhere. And one thing is for sure, he represents a community that once had an element of darkness and total togetherness. At over 7ft tall, he stands alone day and night looking toward the direction of the now invisable, Horden Colliery Pit.

This person represents a community story of spirit and fight, especially for to those people both past and present. His name is "MARRA" - the people's champion.

But who does he represent in my life ...


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