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Inspiration From My Friend

Created by Gary Lavery on May 3rd, 2016.

KNOWN as "DP" to those around him, he was a man who graced the green fields of many cricket clubs all over the North East of England for 15 years. He was a man who people would describe as "inspirational", "simply the best" and a "match winner".derickparry

These people would also refer to "DP" as a GENTLEMEN because he connected with everyone around him, both on and off the field of play, and valued the friendship of others. His name was Derrick Recaldo Parry.

Derrick, was from the small island of Nevis, which forms part of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies. During the summer months, from 1981-1996, he would play club cricket as an overseas professional in the North East of England for a former mining village called Horden.

Throughout this small village, Derrick become a truly respective figure and was just as popular as the "Pied Piper of Hamelin". Simply, because when "DP" was playing cricket at the Horden Welfare Park ground, you just had to be there, incase you missed something special. And people did, they came from all over the region, just to watch him play cricket. 

His presence around the club was massive. When "DP" spoke inside the dressing room or on the field EVERYBODY listened to him carefully, not just because he was such an influential figure, but there was always something to learn from him. Even today, those players who had been fortunate enough to play alongside "DP" still tell many great stories about the influence he had on there personal game and his many great performances. 

And it was ONE conversation with "DP" that changed my thinking forever ...


SUPERCHARGE Your Emotions - 3 Tips

Created by Gary Lavery on April 28th, 2016.

SOME people say "There's always tomorrow." But what if you were in the same emotional state or mindset as you were the day before, what would the result be?

Right now, I want you reflect over yesterday, to see how many of these positive emotions you actually did experience: energetic, enthusiasm, laughter, desire, fun, confident and passion.Gary Lavery Presenting NLP Or perhaps yesterday could have gone the other way, to the point where you experienced negative emotions like: anger, miserable, blame, disappointed, nervous and fear. 

We are only HUMAN and we are ALL different in many ways, such how we respond to specific situations in life ...

Try this if you would please: Can you remember a time, a specific time, when you reacted "aggressively" to someone? - Now, go back to that time and think about the way you reacted to the other person.

Was that really YOU? - Did you plan how you were going to respond to that situation inside your own mind before you acted, or was it a spur of the moment reaction where you ended up saying to yourself and others "it just happened, it wasn't really me". In all honesty, I'm sure we have all said something like this at some point in our life.

Perhaps the above situation brought up "YOUR STUFF". Maybe you can recall other situations just like the one above when you have displayed negative emotional states. So my question here is, "what if you knew HOW to change your emotional state at THAT time, would this have changed your  outcome of that situation?


Crossing THAT Finishing Line

Created by Gary Lavery on April 20th, 2016.

I FIRST met my friend, William Strong, around 10 years ago at an Ultra Distance Running event in Brighton. I was part of a six person running team with friends and he was running the entire race by himself. All of 100 miles!Great North Run Success

The run was 'unsupported' meaning you had to bring your own essentials. Our team kind of over did things a little here because we had a tent, with enough food and drink to last us a week. All William had was a folded chair, two bottles of water and a large bag of crackers. Upon seeing this, I thought to myself "who is this guy, never seen anything like this before in all my life, is he serious?"

During the race, I kept an eye on William. He must have weighed about 230 pounds, which was quite large for an ultra distance runner. It wasn't until after the race, when I found out that at around 70 miles, he had broken all the small bones in both of his feet and was starting to suffer from previous kidney damage, but he still managed to finished the race.

For me, his achievement was a great example of making the seemingly impossible, possible. He was prepared to put his life on the edge just to cross THAT finishing line.


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